JusWondering… What Other Dances Could Be Named After Characters?

I’ve already written about once dance move named after someone before (The Dougie, named after Doug E. Fresh, RIP M-Bone), so why not do it again?

This time it’s about another dance named after a character (c’mon, Doug E. Fresh isn’t his real name).  This time it’s Movin’ Like Berney, after the eponymous Weekend at Bernie’s:

I had not much more to write about this, until I realized there are other dances named after characters.  There’s the Roger Rabbit, the Running Man, the Cabbage Patch (Kids), and Batman (who could forget the Prince’s Batdance no matter how hard you try?)…

But who else should have their own dance?

Forrest Gump?


Got it… Nicolas Cage (he’s a character, for sure)…

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