Regret Sheet

Although I have many logs to throw on the Fire of Regret, here’s the big three:

1) I should have went sailing on my aunt and uncle’s yacht.  They had a nice boat with an open invitation, and I never made the time.  How cool would it have been to have “was a shiphand” on my fact sheet?

2) I should have participated in a barn raising.  Actually, it was more like a barn relocating.  A woman I worked with sent an open invitation to the staff to help move an old barn.  It was a preservation project or something.  I was this (insert image of fingers thisclose) close to going, but I didn’t know if  I wanted to raise the bar from co-workers to friends.

3) I should have went to Greece.  Santorini, specifically.  It was for a wedding.  The bachelor and bachelorette parties were in Holland.  Amersterdam, specifically.  Need I say more.

One comment

  1. Nikki · November 8, 2008

    indeed…you should have gone to Greece & also to the halloween party!

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