Drunken Recollection… Alcohol + Confusion = Alconfusion

It seems like a lot of Drunken Recollections are about mix-ups, so why not create a term for it:


This post is about a pair of moments of alconfusion… one on my behalf, one on behalf of another.

  • My Alconfusion

While in Kentucky for the derby, I was at the bar and somebody was talking about Rachel Nichols and her possible hook-ups with most of the NFL or NBA or whatever… that’s neither here nor there.  They were talking about the sportscaster from ESPN:

Rachel Nichols, daughter of director Mike Nichols and her mother

I thought they were talking about this Rachel Nichols:

Except she's not normally green...

Hopefully this will help:

Yo Joe, indeed.

So my alconfusion was me thinking they were speaking ill of actress Rachel Nichols when they weren’t.  They were just speaking ill of the sportscaster I don’t find attractive know.

  • Another’s Alconfusion

I was going to write about Lupe Fiasco’s The Show Goes On a while back because it liberally borrows from Modest Mouse’s Float On, but the song’s creators acknowledged that at the time of release, so I didn’t.  But I get to write about it today.

While this tune played at the bar, a friend asked who performed this Float On rip-off.  I answered correctly, but what she thought I said cracked me up.

I replied:

Lupe Fiasco

She heard:

Beefy Asshole

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