(Way More Than) A Handful Of… Songs About Months

Hey! September and December are the rhymiest months! (November is too, I guess.)

There have been many songs about various months, but did you know that there is one month that never had a song about it?  Which month has the most?  Which month has the least (besides zero)?

You can guess; I’ll give you the answers after the jump.

(SIDENOTE: What’s weird is that I’ve heard of a lot of these artists, but never most of these songs.  What’s weirder still is the artists I hadn’t even heard of didn’t have videos on YouTube.  So if they didn’t have a video, they didn’t make my list.

Oh yeah.

That’s right.

I even looked up the videos for you to check out.  One-hundred-and-fucking-one videos.  You better check at least some of them out.) Read More