In My Brain While Sleeping… Will And Kate… And Me

What a weird dream.  Extra weird as weird dreams go.  (Don’t I always say that?)

It’s not like this dream occurred anytime around their wedding either, but… ugh… I dreamed I was friends with Prince William.  Apparently, I had met him years ago while on vacation in Las Vegas, and he thought I was a class act and a bloody riot, which is a good thing I guess.

We had lost touch over the years, but as his wedding to Kate Middleton approached, he started bring me around more:

Us all in England... somewhere...

It was all part of the build-up to him asking me to be his best man.  He wanted me to give a speech and everything.  Kate so enjoyed my company, she asked me to be her best man, too.  The cropped picture from their wedding website can be viewed here, but this is the original full-sized (although still bleached-out) photo:

They really got a kick out of my full beard and Red Wings hat, so they begged me to keep it for this portrait.