Musical Musings… Bands Named After Sports Jargon

He used that card to pick out his shirt color at Sears.


With all the brouhaha about the World Cup (and the brew-ha-ha’s over funny beer cups), I started thinking… hey, the band Yellowcard must have gotten their band name from yellow cards.  Since I got the soccer-referenced band name out-of-the-way, let’s move onto some others: 


Not this kind of nickel back...


Nickelback is a Canadian band named after a position in an American sport.  They claim their name is in reference to change band member Mike Kroeger would return to customers while working at Starbucks, but that’s suspect.  Under this pretense, the band could have been named Sixcentsback or Buck-O-Nine.  I’m sticking to the football ties. 

Helmet could fall under football… or baseball… or hockey… or bicycling… but I tend to believe their moniker derives from Vikings… if Vikings were condoms. 


When you only got 100 years to live, you don't need to see crap like this.


You wouldn’t think a guy with a high-pitched falsetto would be a hockey fan, but John Ondrasik must be enough of when to name his band himself, Five for Fighting.  I was going to let this be a standalone entry, until I came across a mention of The Zambonis.  “Who they hell are they?” I said to myself.  “I won’t include them if I never heard any of their music.”  Turns out, I did.  Hockey Monkey was the theme song to a short-lived show I enjoyed (and forgot to include on this list) called The Loop


Alfred Hitchcock meets Christopher Lloyd and Tony Danza in "Birds in the Outfield"


Are you ready for the battle of the one hit (baseball pun!) wonders? 

One of my all-time favorite songs from the 80’s has to be Your Love by The Outfield, my primary entry for the All-American Rejects Sport.  On the other hand, Fastball’s The Way has to be one of the most annoying songs from the 90’s (mostly courtesy of overplay… but still). 


Bill Berry traveled from the Chicago Bulls to the Washington Wizards, but he's only one guy.


This sport was the toughest one.  I was hard half-court pressed to think of a single entry here.  And suddenly there were two (courtesy of my boss/friend Paul): 

  1. Blues Traveler (FYI and off subject – John Popper was hilarious in Z Rock)
  2. Travelling Wilburys

Stretches?  Both yes.  But basketball players are usually very tall… 




Huey Lewis and the News for having albums entitled Sports and simply, Fore!


  1. Michael · June 29, 2010

    What about the band “Hockey”? They are from Portland. What sport do you think they would best represent?

  2. sgottahurt · July 1, 2010

    Um. Curling?

  3. sgottahurt · July 7, 2010

    I just realized I knew “Song Away” by Hockey, as it plays occasionally on 93.9 the River (a Canadian station). It is quite possible that they were the inspiration for the list. Kind of one of those “nose on the face” type of things.

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