So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Can You Judge A Book By Its Cover?

No, it's "So, Duh! Pop Quiz"...

I contemplated going a few different ways with this quiz, but instead of having you decide the plot based on the artwork of the cover, I wondered if you could remember the title based on the artwork of the cover.  I was going to give you multiple options, but I remembered that I’m

    a) mean
    b) a jerk
    c) lazy
    d) all of the above

Good luck!  And sorry about my terrible skills as a Photoshopper on two of them (the other three were easy)!






BONUS QUESTION:  Three of these books have something in common (besides the being easy to edit part)… what is it?

(To check out some classic titles made sarcastic with quotation marks via College Humor, click here.)

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