The Sh– To Even More The Sh–… The Schnitzelbank Song

I am in utter absolute glory.  I recently visited this German bar in Detroit:

Pictured: Dakota Inn of Detroit (Not Pictured: Surrounding Urban Blight)

It was in this very place that I thought I discovered the magnificent Schnitzelbank Song.  Here is the accompanying chart (because how awesome can a drinking song be without an accompanying chart):

Yes, that Haufen Mist is a pile of cow dung...

In public, it sort of went something like this (I swear the Dakota’s Inn version was 100x better):

But in all my research, I came to realize why this song has endeared itself so strongly to me.  And that reason why is this:

(SIDENOTE: It also explains why the name Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer has long been stuck in my subconscious…)

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