Awful Battle… Fairy Tale Updates

I don’t know if these movies have been released yet or not because I didn’t care to double-check (although the preview for one hints that it was supposed to come out last summer), but it’s an Awful Battle of fairy tale proportions…

Red Riding Hood and Beastly are obvious updates of their respective stories (if you can’t garner the source from their titles, you’ll have to bear through their previews):

(SIDENOTE: Unlike Twilight, which these films are for some reason aspire to be like, I would probably watch either of them if nothing else was available. ¬†Mostly because I’ve seen Beastly star Vanessa Hudgens nude, and Red Riding Hood star Amanda Seyfried have sex with Julianne Moore and make out with Megan Fox. ¬†Mjusayin’…)

(ANOTHER SIDENOTE: Doesn’t Mary-Kate Olsen look a lot like Ke$ha in her preview?)

We R Who We R