Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Charlie Sheen’s Shared Histories Edition

Let’s get right into business, since this is overdone overdue.

  • Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer’s Shared History

Two and a Half Men wasn’t Sheen and Cryer’s first shindig together.  That would have been 1991’s Hot Shots!

Everyone's thinking - "You were in that movie?"

  • Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones’ Shared History

Sheen and young co-star Jones each appeared in two different movies with the same title.  Can you guess?  No peeking below–too late.

The answer is... "The Rookie"

  • Charlie Sheen and Michael J. Fox’s Shared History

Everybody already knows that Sheen replaced Fox on ABC’s Spin City.  But did you know that Fox had it in his contract that should he leave the show, he’d still get paid?  And did you know that Sheen had this same “Michael J. Fox Clause” in his own contract?  You did?  Okay.  Then did you realize that Sheen’s character in the Wall Street films was named Bud Fox?  Is that enough of a Coinkydink or Coinkydonk for ya?

He should have said he has "fox blood" instead...