The Sh– To Just Sh–ty… Films Series That (Thankfully) Stopped At Two

Should have opted for "Airplane Again Too!"

With The Hangover 2 soon being downloaded on your home computer arriving at your local cinema, I started thinking about other films that have only had one sequel.

Blame it on public desire; blame it on the cast a crew’s fondness for one another; blame it on studio greed; Blame It on Rio.  When certain movies do so surprisingly well sequels are an inevitability.  But most times, two is one too many.

Let’s take a look at films from the 80’s (and late 70’s and early 90’s) where sequelling stopped at two.  These got out of the game while the getting was still good, probably because the sequels were… not that good:

  • Airplane! / Airplane II: The Sequel
  • American Graffiti / More American Graffiti
  • An American Werewolf in London / An American Werewolf in Paris
  • Arthur / Arthur 2: On the Rocks
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure / Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
  • The Blue Lagoon / Return to the Blue Lagoon
  • Breakin’ / Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Caddyshack / Caddyshack II
  • Cocoon / Cocoon: The Return
  • Creepshow / Creepshow 2
  • Fletch / Fletch Lives
  • The Fly / The Fly II
  • 48 Hours / Another 48 Hours
  • Fright Night / Fright Night Part II
  • F/X / F/X 2: The Deadly Art of Illusion
  • Grease / Grease 2
  • Gremlins / Gremlins 2: The New Batch
  • Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2
  • Mannequin / Mannequin 2: On the Move
  • Romancing the Stone / Jewel of the Nile
  • Saturday Night Fever / Staying Alive
  • Saturday the 14th / Saturday the 14th Strikes Back
  • Short Circuit / Short Circuit 2
  • Stakeout / Another Stakeout
  • The Sting / The Sting II
  • Teen Wolf / Teen Wolf Too
  • Three Men and a Baby / Three Men and a Little Lady
  • Weekend at Bernie’s / Weekend at Bernie’s II
  • Wayne’s World / Wayne’s World 2
  • Young Guns / Young Guns 2
  • Zapped! / Zapped Again!

Beyond that time period, it doesn’t seem there were a lot of other movies that stopped at two movies.  Or were there?

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