Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Pop Culture Jumbalaya

Remember your ABC's... sitcoms...

There have been a few things that I’ve remembered or discovered or wondered that didn’t warrant their own posts.  So here they all are in one place!

  • What do Growing Pains, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and Full House all have in common?

Well, they were all on ABC.  That’s easy.  But did you know remember care that Alan Thicke appeared at the beginning of Mark Curry’s new show to welcome him to the network as well as the old Growing Pains‘ set?  Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper’s first show took place in the Seaver home – as is/was.  That’s weird.  But even weirder still was that the second episode featured Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) from Full House.  Weirdest of all – the show lasted five seasons.

  • EMF and Andrew Dice Clay’s worlds collided.

I had no idea that the opening “Oh!” and titular line “That’s unbelievable!” in EMF’s Unbelievable were sampled from raunchy “comedian” Andrew Dice Clay.  And that’s unbelievable.

  • Things that still make me go hmmm

I haven’t been able to find anything one way or another about these possible Coinkydinks or Coinkydonks, but it doesn’t mean that they’re true (or not):

Did Huey Lewis and the News name themselves such as an homage to 60’s rock group Gary Lewis and the Playboys?

Did 90’s Britpop group Elastica take that name as a spoof and celebration of hard rock band Metallica?

Does anyone else besides me care?  You’re unbelievable.

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