Drunken Recollection… Plant Controlled Cars and Men in Fat Suits

As the mind drowns in spirits and sorrows, strange cabinets are unlocked.  At the mention of a friend’s son named Jayce (or Jace, I’m not sure), this popped into my thought bubble:

I remember finding these toys by Mattel at an F&M Drug Store on clearance.  I begged, but alas, the begging proved fruitless (no vegetation pun intended).

Also, while playing trivia at the bar, a question prompted the flash in the pan that was Arsenio Hall’s alter-ego, to flash before my eyes:

There was a third item, but courtesy of the alcohol, I do not recall what it is.  For the next Drunken Recollection, I hope to still be inebriated when writing this, rather than hungover.

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