Cabo WaBOO Indeed!

According to tonight’s episode of “Entertainment Tonight” (‘natch), there’s a cable channel called BIO(which has not made the list over at TVismyIV as a matter of fact), and on top of that they are about to premier a show called “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”

Let it be known – I’m a sucker for ghost stories.  And not one of those crazy big Cedar Point suckers, either.   I’m more like a sucker you’d find under the couch, covered in lint and dog hair and who-knows-what, that’s been there since who-knows-when.  (Translation: I scare easy.)

Anywho… while I was in my dark kitchen getting a refreshing Mt. Dew from my dark refrigerator (where do you buy little cold resistent light bulbs anyway), Belinda Carlisle was finishing her spectre spiel I managed to ignore.  As I contemplated partaking in some Velveeta cheese, Sammy Hagar began talking about how when he was a child, the night his alcholic absentee father died, his ghost visited him and he turned him away, unbeknownst of his passing.

Chills shot up my spine (and it wasn’t from the fridge!) and I thought, “I don’t need this right now.”

SIDENOTE: I should also mention it doesn’t take much prompting for a song to pop in my head either.

So in the spirit of coincidence, here’s the rock classic:

Who Could Ask For Anything More?

What do I love more in the whole wide world than a new Zac Efron movie? 

Nick Nolte talking about said Zac Efron movie!

Doncha just get lost in their eyes...

Doncha just get lost in their eyes...

(Not really, but it’s hilarious anyway… courtesy of one of my fave ass-kickingest sites: Filmdrunk.)

(Pics from People Magazine and breakin’ the law.)

I Stand Corrected AKA I Stand Old-Schooled

Memories are a lot like books – they can get dusty.  They’re also a lot like raisins – they’re wrinkly (and purple?) and cats – they always land on their feet.  Mix in years of voluntary and involuntary brain damage and somehow you mash two things together that

A) Have completely different styles of conveying a message (even thought the message is the same).

B) Have completely different style of presentation – one’s traditional animation and one’s… what the hell is that style?  Can we just call it 90’s style?

and C) Were made eight years apart from each other (1983 and 1991 to be exact… either way, my breakfast still probably consisted of Cocoa Krispies.)

For some reason, I thought this guy…

…sang this song…

Guess I better stop drinking so much Zima…  I’m so “malternative” it’s hard to stop.

R.I.P. Zima, We Hardly Knew Ya

In a bold decision no one could have ever seen coming (mostly because most people didn’t know it was still around), MillerCoors is pulling the plug on its popular party starter, Zima.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the marketing department poured their forties on Zima’s grave mostly due to a weakness in the “malternative” segment of the population (apparently, they succumb to pressure when tickled).

Caffeinated Sparks will be picking up where Zima left off… as the last thing on Earth I’m reaching for when I need to get a drink on.

"I'll miss you with all my heart," she sighs, "Especially next Saturday at my boyfriend's bonfire..."

“I’ll miss you with all my heart,” she sniffled.  “Especially next Saturday at my boyfriend’s bonfire… his band Bond Jovi is playing.  They dress up like 007 and play cover songs…  Look at me, blubbering…”

InASense, Lost… Lemon Party

As a huge fan of “30 Rock,” I cannot wait for its premier next week.  But after a co-worker recently pointed out a huge dirty joke in last season’s holiday episode, “Ludachristmas” – one that I did not get because I was unaware of the reference – let’s just say that ignorance is bliss… and some things burn into your retinas forever.

If you’re brave enough, begin your journey here.  It is one of the slyest dirty jokes I’ve ever seen pulled over the heads of network television executives (or “The Brass” as I like to call them) since Michael told GOB to get rid of the “Seaward,” and his mother, Lucille, snapped “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.”

(R.I.P. “Arrested Development”… Much love…)

Courtesy of TVismyIV and Hulu.

An (Illogical) Oldie But a Goodie

Leonard Nimoy is a prince amongst men.  Not only has he brought us decades of Spock, innumerable answers (?) in “In Search Of…” and of course the ghost in his directorial effort (or upchuck depending how you look at it), “Three Men and a Baby.”

And there’s always gonna be this: 

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