In My Brain While Sleeping… The Next Hollywood Blockbuster

In world left asunder by war and poverty… a future that’s not that far… ahead…

Battles are no longer fought by armies and men, but by giant robots (but not like “Robot Jox” robots)…

They meet in a stone cold mountain ring, and battle to knock each other’s blocks off…

Starring Mark Wahlberg.  (Seriously, he was in my dream.)

INGREDIENTS: Pitchers of beer + two cherry bombs.

Drunken Recollection… Plant Controlled Cars and Men in Fat Suits

As the mind drowns in spirits and sorrows, strange cabinets are unlocked.  At the mention of a friend’s son named Jayce (or Jace, I’m not sure), this popped into my thought bubble:

I remember finding these toys by Mattel at an F&M Drug Store on clearance.  I begged, but alas, the begging proved fruitless (no vegetation pun intended).

Also, while playing trivia at the bar, a question prompted the flash in the pan that was Arsenio Hall’s alter-ego, to flash before my eyes:

There was a third item, but courtesy of the alcohol, I do not recall what it is.  For the next Drunken Recollection, I hope to still be inebriated when writing this, rather than hungover.

Happy Find… Sister Wives

I’ve been a fan of Beth and Val for awhile now, and normally, they answer tough, strange, and timeless questions (such as “What’s in Amy Winehouse’s beehive?“)  They are comparable to Rick and Tracie of “Pot Psychology” except for the fact that they aren’t under any influences… I think.

This is their foray into sketch comedy.  Enjoy. 

Episode 2

Episode 3