InASense, Lost… Merkins

I was about to be finished posting things for today, but upon finding this, I couldn’t resist.  Within the last few months, I became aware of two new words.  I was surprised – no, shocked – that I did not know of them earlier, especially upon learning what they meant. 

Combined in a phrase, they served as my Traveling Trivia Team name on several occasions (I’ll get into the Traveling Trivia Team thing another day).  No one would laugh but the people at my table and stray frat boys.

The team’s name: Merkin-Free Tribbin’.

Here’s a heads up on the meaning of merkin

I’ll leave the other word up to you.

Happy Find… Pot Psychology

I found this gem over the weekend, courtesy of the website Jezebel.  I got a good contact buzz by watching, plus some interesting unapplicable advice, and I implore you to check this one out first.  Feel free to dive deeper into Tracie and Rick’s collection at Vimeo.

In My Brain While Sleeping… “UpDating”

Last night, amidst my political nightmares (no, really, I can’t stop having scary dreams about the upcoming election), I had a bright idea…


It’s a reality show where people get hooked up outside of their 2 digit buffer zone.  Let me quickly explain: according to Joey Tribbiani (formerly of “Friends,” while on his show “Joey”… yes, I watched some episodes and just forgot to keep watching…), everyone has a looks rating on a scale of 1 to 10, and it’s impossible to date someone higher than 2 digits over your number.  “UpDating” would be between people at least 3 digits apart.  It would be a “Beauty and the Geek” meets “Blind Date.”  Quick get MTV on the horn!

(Just don’t tell any execs that the ones who were “UpDating” in my dream had hoofs for hands.)