Talk About Uncanny Valley

Two seasons in and “30 Rock” has had more than its share of quotes and one-liners.  One of my favorites came in the form of Judah Friedlander’s Frank explaining “The Uncanny Valley” to Tracy Morgan’s Tracy Jordan in “Star Wars.”  Basically, the theory states that as an artificial lifeform approaches a more lifelike appearance, the creepier it will get.

"Han Solo acts like he doesn't care, but he does."

 The industrial robot would be R2-D2 and C-3PO would be the humanoid robot (“They’re nice,” Tracy sighs).  Han Solo is the healthy person (“He acts like he doesn’t care, but he does,” Tracy laments).  In the valley, you’d find Clone Troopers and Tom Hanks in “The Polar Express,” to which Tracy freaks out.

Add this…

As Tracy would sing – “Spooky, scary…” (check it out at )

Lion Down On The Job

I’m not going to deny that I can be a fair-weather fan from time to time (which I guess is redundant since a fair-weather fan is a “fan from time to time”), but when you come from Detroit, it’s forgivable to be like Michigan’s seasonal patterns.

And sure, we have the Red Wings and the Pistons (and we still may have the Tigers next season *fingers crossed*), but the Lions – oh boy.

Now it’s easy to sack them (ha ha), but I feel there’s only one thing they excel at: Getting Our Hopes Up.  But this season, I will not stand for it.  I’m secretly (well I guess not anymore) rooting against them.  I want that mythical 0-16 season that the Dolphins almost had last year.  Every other team gets to break records when they play against us, so let’s set one ourselves.

When watching their games, I’m always reminded of a comic strip that my uncle had on his fridge.  There was a picture of a little boy with present in his hand with the caption: “Still believes in Santa Claus.”  Next was a toothless little girl with the caption: “Still believes in the Tooth Fairy.”  The last panel was a middle aged guy with a number 20 jersey and one of those beer hats with the caption: “Still believes in the Lions.”

The ads around here ask: “Do You Believe in Now?”  Ask me tomorrow.