Cabo WaBOO Indeed!

According to tonight’s episode of “Entertainment Tonight” (‘natch), there’s a cable channel called BIO(which has not made the list over at TVismyIV as a matter of fact), and on top of that they are about to premier a show called “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”

Let it be known – I’m a sucker for ghost stories.  And not one of those crazy big Cedar Point suckers, either.   I’m more like a sucker you’d find under the couch, covered in lint and dog hair and who-knows-what, that’s been there since who-knows-when.  (Translation: I scare easy.)

Anywho… while I was in my dark kitchen getting a refreshing Mt. Dew from my dark refrigerator (where do you buy little cold resistent light bulbs anyway), Belinda Carlisle was finishing her spectre spiel I managed to ignore.  As I contemplated partaking in some Velveeta cheese, Sammy Hagar began talking about how when he was a child, the night his alcholic absentee father died, his ghost visited him and he turned him away, unbeknownst of his passing.

Chills shot up my spine (and it wasn’t from the fridge!) and I thought, “I don’t need this right now.”

SIDENOTE: I should also mention it doesn’t take much prompting for a song to pop in my head either.

So in the spirit of coincidence, here’s the rock classic:

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