Did He Just Say James “Siberius” Kirk? Don’t They Do More Than One Take?

Vodpod videos no longer available.Seeing as how I was supposed to get to see this preview attached to “Quantum of Solace” this past weekend, and seeing as how I didn’t get to see said preview for some quantum of a reason, I present it to you here.  Y’know, in case you didn’t get to see it too.  (It’s the new “Star Trek” movie, dummy!)

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Man, I seriously wanted some James (Bond) on James (Kirk) action!  O&BTW – the flick looks beautiful. 

No, no, don’t kick me in the nards for saying that! Uumph! (keels over)

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  1. Gr8DeadFan · November 30, 2008

    I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy about little James
    Kirk proclaiming in the trailer that his name is “James Siberius Kirk” What
    the heck is that all about? I always thought his name was James T. Kirk, or
    Tiberius, although I did catch an episode of T.O.S. Star Trek, I wish I knew
    which one, where they show a tombstone with his name, ” James R. Kirk.” Any
    info you have on this would be great appreciated…..

  2. sgottahurt · November 30, 2008

    From my understanding, he was always James T. Kirk in TOS. The name Tiberius was introduced in the Animated Series.

    As for this preview – I only assume the moppet playing young Kirk has a speech impediment, which makes me want to scoop out my eardrums with sporks. But that’s just me.

  3. anonymous · December 14, 2008

    Yes, he said “Siberious”… It’s a crass error, unless he is trying to fool the robot cop. If it indeed is an error, then, it’s already bringing the show down.

  4. Brian · January 3, 2009

    Maybe it’s the cunning young Kirk’s way of way tricking the robocop.

  5. JD · January 4, 2009

    A huge error that most fans will notice rather quickly. Not doing your homework or paying attention to Star Trek facts is not a good way to win over existing fans

  6. SW · April 21, 2009

    Who cares? It was a T instead of an S. Until you have seen the full film, you don’t know why? JJ Abrams is a very clever director and leaves no stone unturned.

    These are exactly the sort of conversations he is looking for. He has thought to himself ”Hmmmm…I wonder what would annoy the trekkies the most? I know, lets make out we have made the most minute of mistakes so that the loners blow it all out of proportion, only for the to be left feeling considerably daft when it comes to them actually watching the film”.

    Well don JJ, your plan is seemingly working!!!

  7. Bo Duke · May 3, 2009

    Why would saying his full name, but mis-saying his middle name throw off the authorities? Stupid.

  8. The Doc · May 4, 2009

    First listen sounds like Siberius, but after a couple more, its definitely Tiberius. The “s” from James slides in, but there is no error… unless perhaps the trailer was corrected.

  9. the m guy · May 4, 2009

    Nope, sorry. I’ve listened to it 10 times, loud, with decent headphones. It is an “S”, not a “T”.
    Whether he did this on purpose, who knows?
    The very idea of beating a dead horse like this (remaking Star Trek with new people) is stupid anyway.

    Honestly, Hollywood, COME UP WITH NEW IDEAS.
    Stop trying to milk what was great 40 years ago.

    After Sean Connery left, we waited 30 years for anybody decent to take his place. They were all crap, until recently, I’ll give Daniel Craig a big nod for bringing something completely new to the films and doing a good job.

    I guess we’ll have to wait 30 more years for somebody to play James Kirk in a way that makes a sequel worthwhile.

  10. Han Solo · May 4, 2009

    This movie is doomed. Hey, I have a question… Can the Enterprise make the Kastle Run in 8 parsecs? I don’t think so. Strap in Siberius I’m going to make the jump to hyperspace.

  11. SH · May 7, 2009

    He’s saying “Tiberius”. You gotta listen hard for it, tho. Someone should have caught that.

  12. wolf · May 7, 2009

    He says “Tiberius.” And why are people griping about his diction when he just sent a classic Corvette over a goddamn cliff?

  13. sgottahurt · May 7, 2009

    Actually, considering the the film’s time frame, it’d be an ‘ancient’ Corvette.

  14. pdxpaul · May 10, 2009

    Doomed? Hardly. I’m pretty sure they got your $10. great film, in spite of any righteous indignation leading up to the release.

  15. LaughingAtYou · May 27, 2009

    Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligence here !

  16. Lolitajooo · July 19, 2009

    Has anyone ever considered, maybe the name is spelled Tsiberius? That would clarify the James ‘ T.’ Kirk thing and the way it is pronounced in the new film.

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