Fall Out Boy Should Have Pulled Out Quicker

No, they named him Mowgli, not Mogwai...

No, they named him Mowgli, not Mogwai...

Guinness World Record-breaker, Pete Wentz, and coattail-rider turned family meal-ticket, Ashlee Simpson (I almost spelled it Ashley… heavenstamergatroid!), have given birth to something they named Bronx Mowgli Wentz.

There’s one of two ways I can go with this, so I’ll go with both.

  1. People can type Bronx Mowgli Wentz to test their typewriter.  Ha!  Y’know… like The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.  No… um… then how about…
  2. Bronx Mowgli Wentz?  That’s an anagram of what Pete likes to do when he’s in Germany – Blow Next Zing Worm.  Hey-o!

Ah, whatever.  Congrats you two (because I know in my heart of hearts they are going to find this little blog and be heartbroken if I don’t say so)… and also, please stop reproducing!

I Am Thankful For… Greg Evigan

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, each of us should give pause and thank the heavens above for all the things that have enrichened our lives.  Today, I am thankful for Greg Evigan, and these are the reasons why, in no particular order:
  • I learned all about Molotov Cocktails from him (courtesy of his TV show, “BJ and the Bear”).
  • He introduced the world to Staci Keanan, and my dreams to Staci Keanan (courtesy of his show, “My Two Dads”).  Whatever happened to Staci beyond “Step By Step?”  And why did Paul Reiser get another show?
  • He brought us the film “DeepStar Six,” which jumpstarted the career of Famke Janssen.  No wait.  She was in “Deep Rising.”  And, oh yeah.  How could I forget she was Xenia Onatopp in “GoldenEye?”  Moving on…
  • He taught me about two-way mirrors, and how to beat them.  It was some episode of “BJ and the Bear” where people were spying on strippers or something.  Because the reflection started at the contact point, as opposed to starting centimeters apart, that was proof it was a two-way mirror.  You could see through the mirror if you had another piece of your own.  I don’t know if any of this is true, but I’ve kept it locked away for future use because you never know.
  • Briana.  Evigan.  (“Step Up 2″… “Step By Step”… weird…)
  • Then there’s always “BJ and the Bear,” of course.

If The Hoff Can Unite Two Countries, What Can I Do?

A recent discussion at the bar prompted an exchange about what song can get a random alcoholic’s head bopping (and sometimes, toe tapping).  I proposed this ditty (not to be confused with Diddy, who as yet, has not sampled this song):

Another person at the bar whole-heartedly disagreed and brought up this tune as the great anthem:

RUFKM?  I barely remembered that song (although one can never forget David Hasselhoffmeister).  I argued it couldn’t qualify as a head bopping, toe tapper.  He had to remind me of this:
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