Hibbidy-Wah?! Can This Be (Pause Like Chandler) Anymore Outdated?!

1992 doesn’t sound that long ago (unless you were born in or after that year of course), but this anti-piracy ad certainly dates the date:

Speaking of outdated, check out this meeting of the old and the new.  The ending before the ending is pretty good, and of course, so is the middle.  If you’ve never heard Leonard Nimoy singing the original version of the song he’s singing (no spoiler), then click here.  Otherwise, enjoy:

JusWondering… Maybe Lens Flares Aren’t A J.J. Abrams Thing?

J.J. Abrams, scriber of Regarding Henry and creative genius behind television’s Facetious Felicity, found himself in the precarious position of relaunching the Star Trek film franchise.

In the process of doing so, he got a little carried away with lens flares.  That’s when light spreads from its source… here’s a collection of shots from the film:

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear BluBlockers.

So yeah, I thought it was a J.J. Abrams thing, but it might be Actor! Chris Pine’s thing:

Here he is in Star Trek

…and here he is on the DVD cover for This Means War.

Any questions?

JusWondering… Who Would You Pay $75 To Ask One Question?


He's so irreverent!

Director Kevin Smith recently announced he was returning to Detroit for one of his Q&A fests, and tickets in “the good seats” are going for $75.  This increases the chance that you can actually A one Q, but is $75 worth it?  On a lucky day, you might be able to get Smith to respond to an inquiry on Twitter, and that’s free.  Besides, would I even have a question that wouldn’t be embarrassing to ask?

My wondering:

Mr. Smith, do you consider yourself a capable director?  Like, could you ever direct a high-minded, genre piece, worthy of an Academy Award nomination?  (SIDENOTE: I threw in the filler word “like” to simulate a Pulitzer Prize nomination worthy question… y’know, to like make it real.)

This got me wondering… who else would I pay $75 to ask a question?

Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, George W. BushGeorge Lucas?

Sure.  Each one of them would get a humdinger of a wringer”, but who would I pay more than $75 to get to the bottom of things?  Probably just one:


She's so irreverent...

My one-part quiz:

Ms. Fey, can I write for your show?  Here’s a sample of my ability, and it happened In My Brain While Sleeping


*Here’s the others:

  • President Obama, do you believe in the Prime Directive?  Is that dictating your actions?
  • Mr. Spielberg, just why?  A refrigerator?  An army of monkeys?  Seriously!
  • President Bush, wanna play some Frogger?
  • Mr. Lucas… will there be Episodes VII through IX, as they could save Star Wars?  Otherwise, fuck you.

In My Brain While Sleeping… A Double Dose Of Sci-Fi, Not A Bit Of Sex

I often find myself debating the big questions of the universe.  The biggest? 

Am I a nerd, a dork, or a geek?

This pair of dreams that I had in one (count ’em, one!) night might mean the answer to the overhead head-banger is:

All of the above



"Why so blue...?"

Life was going on as normal, if you consider normal being tormented by a Blue Man (not of any particular Group, it seemed).  Determined to destroy my life – and possibly murder me – this Blue Man turned up everywhere.

Work.  Home.  Bars.  Family and friends’ homes.

I couldn’t escape his attacks (unfortunately, as it is with dreams, the details are a little fuzzy).  When I finally stood my ground and confronted him, he acknowledged that I passed his test.

As it turned out, he was an Omnipotent Immortal and indeed belonged to a Group of like-hued fellows.  Their numbers were diminishing, and all the hell I had went through was like a hazing process.

Long story short, I became a Blue Man and started tormenting my friends and family with all my new found powers…


I was standing in a dim room full of floating dust, dander bouncing and dancing in the narrow beams of sunlight.

A friend turned to me and said:

The entire Star Trek universe is in this room.  Like how that entire galaxy fit in a marble in the first Men in Black film…


I'm squishing your head, I mean, universe.

 Then he corrected himself:

Well, not the Delta Quadrant.  I didn’t really like Voyager that much.


I looked closely at the soaring particles, and this is what I saw.

 INGREDIENTS: Peanut butter on a bagel back in the mix.  Yeah yeah!