Drunken Recollection… Perfect Strangers: The Movie

If you can believe it, some of my friends (whether sober or in this case, drunk) really want their to be a movie version of Perfect Strangers.

No, the one with two strangers.

We started discussing casting, and this was the resounding consensus:

Ben Stiller as Cousin Larry Appleton and Adrian Brody as Balki Bartokomous

They don’t look too excited, though, and the way Hollywood operates, they might prefer to skew for a younger cast.  Our suggestion:

Michael Cera and Shia LaBeouf are getting big heads about this project.

I can admit I wasn’t too keen on a movie version of the T.G.I.F. classic (?) before this discussion or this post.  But after some photo editing, either version might catch my interest and $15 (because I’m sure it will be in 3-D).