Awesome Battle… Brain Characters

10) Anne Uumellmahaye from The Man with Two Brains

Steve Martin falls in love with a brain he communicates with telepathically, and throughout the end of the movie he tries to find a host body for Anne.  Sound familiar to the plot of All of Me?  The ending is close enough to keep this brain at the bottom of the list.

9) The Martians in Mars Attacks!

The way I remember it, this movie was kind of disappointing.  But it’s probably been a long enough time to give it another shot, especially since its gained steam as a cult classic.  There.  Added to my Netflix queue.  I should be getting this DVD sometime around April 2011.

8) Brainiac from Superman comics

Brainiac could have been higher if he was still in robot form, like he was in the 80’s.  Actually, I always thought he was mostly mechanical and brain-powered.  In researching this list, I discovered he’s usually like a green-skinned Lex Luthor mixed with Lobot from The Empire Strike s Back.  Fuck that.  Hence #8.

7) Brainspawn from Futurama

Futurama is a show about a guy from our time that wakes up 1000 years in the future.  Though he’s no Rip Van Winkle – and the future is no Idiocracy – Philip J. Fry is presented his true purpose, courtesy of the Brainspawn.  Due to the fact they could not dumb him down (any more than he is normally), he saved the day.  Even though they were ultimately defeated, perchance Nibbler’s elaborate plan did not work, the Brainspawn would have cleaned up house without question.

6) The Great Brain from Ugly Americans

He’s high up on this list because I really like the show, Ugly Americans.  He’s sassy like Charles Nelson Reilly, his job is to act as a sponge, and he’s a brain stem.  What’s not to love?

5) The Brain from Pinky and — I can’t quite remember…

Every night, he tried the same thing – to take over the world.  That’s not much different from a hamster running in its wheel, when you think about it.  Despite being named after a brain and not consisting primarily of one, Pinky and the Brain started as a short on Animaniacs, and then they got their own show.  That’s how he took over this spot on this list.

4) Brain from Inspector Gadget

Another “brain in name only,” this dog was no ordinary dog.  He could walk upright.  And talk (and pantomime).  And use a computer.  And wear disguises.  And solve crimes.  Let’s see your dog accomplish any two of these.  Oh, look at how your dog walks upright in a clown costume… Okay.  Make that any three of these.

3) Mother Brain from Metroid

She might be solely riding on the coattails of the famous female protagonist, Samus Aran.  All right, I’ll admit it.  Mother Brain is completely riding on Samus’ coattails.

2) Wayne “The Main Brain” McClain from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

My curiosity in live bar trivia was piqued primarily because of the episode he appeared in.  Many years later, I still participate in the brainy drinking game.  Watch ATHF, I do not.

1) Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Who else was going to be number one, really?  Shredder was supposed to be a bad-ass, and even he kowtowed to this piece of bubble gum wrapped in a weird robot suit.


The Fiend from Fiend Without a Face

I only heard about this movie via researching the Brainspawn from Futurama.  This movie was the inspiration for their creation, and it looks like it probably inspired a few more up above.  Furthermore, this title has gotten Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face stuck in my head, so no spot on the list for you…  Thanks.

Abby Normal from Young Frankenstein

It was not as much of a character as it was a bad pun.