Goodbye To Polaroid (And Instant Kinky Pics)

This just screams porno stash.

This just screams porno stash.

I only recently found out (courtesy of Year in Review lists all over the TripleDoubleYou) that Polaroid Instant Cameras went the way of Zima and no longer exist.

How can there be a world without “shake it like a Polaroid picture?”  Digital photography does not cut it in the kinky department (so I’ve been lead to believe by my imagination).  The iconic white frame and bleeding colors are a staple of perverts everywhere.

I just don’t know if I can handle such a loss.  Why did I have to even find those stupid lists?  I could have gone the rest of my life and been happy not knowing that Polaroid didn’t exist anymore.  Now that this nugget of information has permeated my noggin, my nostalgia for other bygone products grows.  VCR’s, cassette tapes, record players, sundials… what’s next?  CD’s and DVD’s?  Wait a minute!  They really are next?

Well at least my iPod and TiVo will never leave me.


  1. peewee1978 · December 20, 2008

    Wait, Zema is gone?!?!?! She-yit!

  2. Brad · December 21, 2008

    *iPod and TiVo blow up* Not really. they will oneday, though :P

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