To Say This Woman Has Brass Cajones Is An Insult And An Understatement (Steel Labia Perhaps?)

I was about to list a handful of reporters, and tell them to get the fuck out of the way, but then I realized I was hard pressed to find any that could hold a torch to CNN’s Sara Sidner.  I don’t think in all my recent years I’ve ever seen a modern reporter handle a situation like this:

To me, she is already reminiscent of those I consider to be the Greats – your Cronkites, your Brokaws, your Jennings.  I need to keep an eye on Sara Sidner.  I need to believe there are journalists out there willing to report their findings… not their opinions.  Here’s a bit about Sara Sidner from an article by Leslie Griffith from the Huffington Post:

Objectification to reach a goal is not Sara’s style. Instead she chose the unknown. She chose to walk away from the comforts of home toward potential terror. She has a reporter’s heart and mind, and if she could be cloned, Americans would be better informed and democracy would be safer. She chose to immerse herself in Indian culture while surrounded by countries with itchy trigger-fingers, twisted loyalties and sectarian and political killing fields.

The lump in my throat melted when I saw Sara reporting from Mumbai. I knew her ability to gather information and relate it to viewers, and I also know America cannot avoid another 9/11 without understanding these conflicts.

As a counter-point, imagine if this guy had been in India during the attack:

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Happy Find… Jizz In My Pants

Here’s the latest from The Lonely Island a.k.a. SNL’s Digital Shorts.   The other Dude is Jorma Taccone – he was in “Hot Rod” with Samberg. 

This one’s sure to explode. 

It will blow up huge. 

It’s like the second coming of “Dick in a Box.”

(And guess who the guy doing clean up in aisle three is…)