InASense, Lost… The Toy That Got Away

This post is inspired by two items:

  1. This Geek Dad article from Wired about classic toys and their modern equivalents (fear not – it’s geeky)
  2. This scene from Hot Tub Time Machine

Waxing nostalgic is always a risky endeavor, but sometimes, it’s worth the heartache.  Case in point – here’s the one that got away, my great white buffalo… my childhood dream of becoming a director, molded in flimsy plastic and recorded on audio cassettes’ magnetic tape…

Fisher Price’s PXL 2000

It’s quite honestly the only Christmas wish list item that I can recall the pining over, like a forgotten summer crush.

There’s one CD cover I can think of that captures that similar sense of adolescent longing, now long lost.

Like a Polaroid from my mind...

Otherwise there’s this video of Whitney, filmed in Pixelvision, courtesy of the PXL 2000:

Man, I feel bummed out… save me President Taft (for no particular reason)!

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