Happy (Sad) Finds… Maybe Memorial Day Weekend Got To Me

These songs are life affirming even though they might come across quite the opposite.  One of them causes me great concern, though… am I about to turn country fan?

The first video, David Crowder Band’s SMS (Shine) was sent to me by my sister quite awhile ago, and I’ve finally opted to watch it.  This was her actual pitch:

it’s a christian rock band, but the animation is cool

…now you understand my initial hesitation.  But it’s definitely worth checking out…

Now if I had followed her advice earlier, I might not have felt as effected as I did this day, because I just heard this (apparently old) song on the radio, and it too captivated me:

I guess The Band Perry’s If I Die Young found new life (so to speak) when Lauren Alaina performed it on American Idol, and I might be glad about that.