A Handful Of… Seriously Bad Ideas

I’ve lived my life in a bubble, and I’ve enjoyed it for the most part.  The fun part about being in a bubble is you can still see outside, except your outlook is swirled and soapy.  Sometimes that bubble pops though, and I use the remaining suds to wash my eyes out.  These are some vision scrubbers.

We’ll start out small, with a product I never knew existed (as it should have remained).

  • ITEM ONE: A product called NYDJ for short… and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans for long…

It reminds me of this classic, butt in real-life (moved it to after the jump because of auto-starting).

I’ve heard of the game, and I know people who have played it, but I always thought it was something impromptu… like LARPing.  But then I saw one of these in a park near work:

Oh. It's real. Real serious.

In effect, this:

  • ITEM FOUR: “Maggie the Maggot” from Galaxy of Terror

This is definitely the worst of the bunch, and since it’s not safe for work life, I’ll let you follow-up on it here.

(SIDENOTE: To cleanse the mental palate, watch this dog being a dog with a bad idea.)

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