Drunken Recollection… Oh, The Things We Believe When We’re Sober

On three occasions from three different friends I was asked about the validity of each of these videos.  I think on some level, in each situation, my friends knew these weren’t real or true.  But on another, perhaps spiritual, level, they wanted these to be real or true.  Why?  Well, I get the second one, but the others?  No thanks.

  • Alien Captured in Brazil

My friend Jess brought this video up, knowing full well how I feel about aliens, and by the time I finally mustered the sauce to catch up on it (see what I did there?), fear did not overcome me.  Not even a little.  That translates to: FAKE.

This one was a surprise to hear.  My friend that shall go unnamed – not for protection, but for annoyance purposes – thought petite lap giraffes were real.  They were in Comcast commercials.  Not Animal Planet.  Unless it was a Comcast commercial on Animal Planet.

  • Doomsday Scenario – Brown Dwarf Star Edition

Don’t watch the video unless you want to be tortured prior to our inevitable demise.  My friend Jason likes bringing this one up, plus all the updates and refutations he’s found.  He’s new to the TripleDoubleU, so I forgive him.  This gist is this:

By September of this year, we’re all gonna die.

The gist of my response to that is this:

Keep on drinking!