In My Brain While Sleeping… Sudden Impact! The (Non-Dirty Harry) Movie

I wish this dream was a bit more straightforward, à la Clint Eastwood’s fourth Dirty Harry movie, Sudden Impact, but it’s not.  I awakened from it, distinctly remembering the name of the movie-in-my-mind was Sudden Impact!, but the plot and story were a little lacking.

It was one of those subconscious jumbles of flicks I hadn’t seen in a long time, or never.  It’s still so vivid in my brain pan that I could try to explain it to you, but it can’t be conveyed with any amount of clarity, so I’ll just make a stew of the images.

You can make up the story yourself.

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(SIDENOTE: The story was essentially this… Michael Pare was the tough guy at a college campus, and the nerd from Troll 2 was his roommate in a frat house like in Real Genius.  The nerd invented this pink slime that he could put on his head to make him popular, or something, but his soul ended up leaving his body and going into the slime.  So next, as the slime, he moved onto the sorority house and took the souls of girls in their shower room.  Upon finding all this out, Michael Pare took the pink slime onto himself and he jumped out the window to his death, like in The Exorcist.  The splat at the bottom was his – wait for it – Sudden Impact!)