Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Second Bananas Edition (Round 1)

(In case you missed the first bracket for Head Honchos, click here.  For the Round Outs bracket, click here.  For the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

In a quest to find the greatest foursome composed of members from many foursomes, here’s the appropriately titled second bracket, Second Bananas.  These are the guys and the gals that make the Head Honchos look like head honchos.  If it was in their nature, they’d be at the top… but they don’t feel like it.

Stayed tuned for the Round Outs and Wild Cards brackets.

Keep voting and please keep spreading the word!


Paul McCartney vs. Dipsy

(The rest are after the jump)

Raphael vs. Billy Baldwin

Templeton "Faceman" Peck vs. Micky Dolenz

"Mac" (It's Always Sunny...) vs. The Scarecrow

Samantha Jones vs. Luigi Mario

Kyle Broflovski vs. Eric Murphy

George Costanza vs. The Invisible Woman

Ray Stantz vs. Randy Jackson

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