Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Round Outs Edition (Round 2)

(For Round 2 of the Head Honchos bracket, click here.  For Round 2 of the Second Bananas bracket, click here.  For Round 2 of the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

The Round Outs bracket had a few surprises, and a couple of blow-outs.  Plus, it allowed some foursomes to be represented for the first time, and it marked the third winner in a row for some groups.

THE ROUND OUTS (Round 1 Results)

– Eric Cartman (#1) continues South Park’s success at making it to Round 2.  He defeated Laa-Laa easily (at the time of this posting), 29-1.

– B.A. Baracus (#2) wiped out Stephen Baldwin (#15), 16-3, making him the second A-Team member in Round 2.

– Much like the kids from South Park, the kids from Liverpool are cleaning up.  George Harrison (#3) used Peter Tork (#14) like a mop, 19-1.

– Donatello (#4) became the second Ninja Turtle in Round 2, knocking out the Tin Man (#13), 11-5.

– Princess Toadstool (#5) was the only character I used to defeat Super Mario Bros. 2 (because she floated).  Alas, she sunk Johnny “Drama” Chase (#12), one of the Chase Bros. if you will, 12-4.

– The American Idol judges finally have someone on the board!  Kara DioGuardi (#11) upsets Elaine Benes (#6), 22-9.

– The same thing goes for my favorite show on television right now!  Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds (#10) makes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ring true.  She defeats Sex and the City’s Charlotte York (#7) barely at 10-8.

– Another bracket champ so far!  Egon Spengler (#8) makes it three Ghostbusters still hanging in there.  He defeats The Thing (#9), 15-5.  Things aren’t looking too fantastic for the Marvel heroes.

Now let’s move onto Round 2!

Eric Cartman vs. Egon Spengler

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