Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Wild Card Edition (Round 2)

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THE WILD CARDS (Round 1 Results)

– Considering the licks the rest of the Seinfeld gang took (save George), it was of little surprise that Cosmo Kramer (#1) was defeated by Miranda Hobbes (#16), 48-23.  (This was the largest vote turnout of all.)  For those keeping tabs, Seinfeld has one representative; Sex and the City has two.

Kenny McCormick (#2) outlives the Cowardly Lion (#15), with a score of 19-5.  South Park sweeps; The Wizard of Oz sneaks in one.

Ringo Starr (#3) knocks out Po (#14), 35-7.  That makes The Beatles 4; Teletubbies 0.

– The next one would have been a tough choice for me, but it wasn’t as close as I thought.  Winston Zeddemore (#13) blasts H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock (#4) with a 17-10 win.  The Ghostbusters join The Beatles and the South Park kids, with the entire foursome making it into Round 2; The A-Team has two.

– Another Sunny character, and the inspiration for this category (actually, this entire Awesome Battle was inspired by the Sunny crew), Charlie Day (#5) walks away with a victory against Mike Nesmith (#12), 26-12.  Make that two for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and only one for The Monkees.

The Human Torch (#6) barely blasts past Ellen DeGeneres (#11), 11-9.  There’s only one rep each from The Fantastic Four and the American Idol judges.

Danny Baldwin (#7) and his run-ins with the law didn’t stand a chance against the 8-bit shorty, Toad (#10).  It’s a blow out at 26-2.  One Baldwin Brother and three characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 advance to Round 2.

– This one was Turtle vs. “Turtle,” and Turtle won out.  Michelangelo (#8) defeats Salvatore Assante (#9), 19-8.

Now let’s begin Round 2!

Michelangelo Vs. Miranda Hobbes

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