So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Internet Meme Edition

How did stuff like this get around without the TripleDoubleU?

For this round, how about covering recent TripleDoubleU memes?  Shall we?

1) This cat’s name is Bento. ¬†What’s the name of the original Keyboard Cat?

    a) Pepto
    b) Furby
    c) Pepsi
    d) Fatso

2) The original lyrics for this song are:

    a) Fatsososo
    b) Trololo
    c) Tralala
    d) Doodoodoo

3) Why do I love this mashup so much?

    a) Jabba the Hutt (non-CGI) is inherently funny
    b) Parks and Recreation’s theme song is catchy
    c) All the above
    d) Eh, I’ve seen better

4) Who owns this song?

    a) Ram Jam
    b) Epic Beard Man
    c) Tyrone
    d) Amber Lamp

5) What process has been applied to this photo?

    a) PolizziShop
    b) SnookiShop
    c) PhotoShop
    d) RafikiShop (please click)

Answers after the jump