Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Head Honchos Edition (Round 2)

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Some of these upsets I did not see coming.  But just like the NCAA tournament system this is based on, upsets are what make it interesting.

THE HEAD HONCHOS (Round 1 Results)

– First dead Beatle John Lennon (#1) was pitted against the biggest Teletubby, Tinky Winky, and rightfully so, Lennon won (at the time of this posting), 34-15.

– Moneybags/sour puss Simon Cowell (#2) lost in the first upset of the competition to the Entourage’s nougat center, Vincent Chase (#15).  Not quite a blow-out at 27-17.

– There must be a fair amount of animosity being held against Jerry Seinfeld (#3) for his awful Marriage Ref show.  I didn’t think enough people would remember The Monkees, let alone the group’s breakout heartthrob, Davy Jones (#14) to help him scrape by a win at 24-21.

– The next one was not even close.  Peter Venkman (#4) blew Dorothy Gale (#13) all the way back to Oz with a 47-2 win.

– This one breaks my heart a little bit.  Maybe if the movie remake was already out (and it didn’t suck), John “Hannibal” Smith (#5) would have defeated mushroom-addict, Mario Mario (#12).  Instead, the double-monickered one won, 19-13.

– Alec Baldwin (#6) and Ninja Turtle Leonardo (#11) are a lot alike, if you take away the green color, shell, swords, and business suit.  Don’t believe me?  Imagine it.  The green one loses to the hairy one, 31-17.

– One’s made of paper and one’s made of elastic (kind of).  Stan Marsh (#7) pulls out a victory against Mr. Fantastic (#10), 27-6.

– This battle was upsetting to me.  I love It’s Always Sunny in California, and I’m rather indifferent to Sex and the City.  For those that voted, the opposite must have been true.  Carrie Bradshaw (#9) beats Dennis Reynolds (#8), 26-19.

With that being said, onto round 2!

John Lennon vs. Carrie Bradshaw

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