Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Second Bananas Edition (Round 2)

(For Round 2 of the Head Honchos bracket, click here.  For the Round Outs bracket, click here.   For Round 2 of the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

THE SECOND BANANAS (Round 2 Results)

This bracket provided only one upset.  Much like in the Head Honcho bracket, my love of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia did not transcend to your votes.  Or perhaps I underestimated the Scarecrow’s fan base.  Either way, The Wizard of Oz had enough heart to give, and the Scarecrow (#13) beat Mac (#4) overwhelmingly (at the time of this posting), 41-9.

Here are the other voting results (two were very close, one was a blow out):

  • Paul McCartney (#1) vs. Dipsy (#16) – 15-5
  • Raphael (#2) vs. Billy Baldwin (#15) – 19-4
  • Templeton “Faceman” Peck (#3) vs. Micky Dolenz (#14) – 13-7
  • Samantha Jones (#5) vs. Luigi Mario (#12) – 13-12
  • Kyle Broflovski (#6) vs. Eric Murphy (#11) – 20-7
  • George Costanza (#7) vs. The Invisible Woman (#10) – 13-12
  • Ray Stantz (#8) vs. Randy Jackson (#9) – 31-4

Round 2 of the Second Bananas might contain some of the toughest match-ups.  Let’s go!

Paul McCartney vs. Ray Stantz

(more after the jump)

Raphael vs. Kyle Broflovski

Templeton "Faceman" Peck vs. George Costanza

Samantha Jones vs. The Scarecrow

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