So, Duh! Pop Quiz… The Baxter Edition

Nice guys finish the second banana last.

There’s a little known movie by Michael Showalter (of The State and various other failed endeavors) called The Baxter, and according to the main character in the film, a Baxter is:

The nice, dull guy in a romantic comedy who is dumped at the end of the story for the protagonist.

This So, Duh! Pop Quiz is all about the Benjamins Baxters.  I’ll name several movies in which the Actors! were the dumpees, and you name the Actors! (HINT: One is an Actress!)

1)  Sommersby – Sleepless in Seattle – Malice – Lost Highway (kinda)

2) Hot Shots! – Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Liar Liar

3) The Notebook – Superman Returns – Enchanted – X-Men series (kinda)

4) The English Patient – Shakespeare in Love – Then She Found Me – The Accidental Husband – Mamma Mia!

5) In Love and War (kinda) – Forces of NaturePremonition (kinda) – All About Steve

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Awesome Battle… Final Foursome Revealed!

Here it is!  Your ultimate Final Foursome!  (For previous rounds, start here.)

The live-action version:

Michelangelo! Eric Cartman! Ray Stantz! Peter Venkman!

The animated version:

The action figure version:

As with other sports brackets, here are the results… plus other stats!

  • HEAD HONCHO: Peter Venkman 21 – Stan Marsh 5
  • SECOND BANANA: Ray Stantz 14 – Raphael 9
  • ROUND OUT: Eric Cartman 13 – B.A. Baracus 11
  • WILD CARD: Michelangelo 12 – Toad 11

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Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Final Round, Finally!

NOTE TO SELF: Do not undertake anything like this ever again.  There’s a reason I don’t partake in any sports pools at work – they’re tedious.  Creating and maintaining something similar is no less time-consuming.

That having been said, it’s been interesting and it’s been fun.  There have been definite upsets; there have been close calls.  Some rankings I got right (the Round Outs battle is between the first and second seeds); some I blew completely (or the Wild Cards lived up to their unexpected expectations).  I might have had different (and more varied) outcomes in my mind, but I can’t wait to create the ultimate Final Foursome’s group shot when this is over.

Remember to vote as much as you’d like… and tell your friends!

(Click to check out Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3…)

THE HEAD HONCHO (Round 3 Results)

  • Peter Venkman (#4) defeats John Lennon (#1), 8 (TOTAL VOTES: 72) – 6 (TOTAL VOTES: 56)
  • Stan Marsh (#7) defeats Davy Jones (#14), 10 (TOTAL VOTES: 47) – 3 (TOTAL VOTES: 40)

Who Should Be The Head Honcho?

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Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – All Editions (Round 3)

We’re getting closer to creating the ultimate Final Foursome.  Without further babbling, here are the results from Round 2 and the brackets for Round 3!



  • John Lennon (#1) 16 – Carrie Bradshaw (#9) 2
  • Peter Venkman (#4) 17 – Mario Mario (#12) 2
  • Davy Jones (#14) 13 – Alec Baldwin (#6) 8
  • Stan Marsh (#7) 10 – Vincent Chase (#15) 7

John Lennon vs. Peter Venkman

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Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Second Bananas Edition (Round 2)

(For Round 2 of the Head Honchos bracket, click here.  For the Round Outs bracket, click here.   For Round 2 of the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

THE SECOND BANANAS (Round 2 Results)

This bracket provided only one upset.  Much like in the Head Honcho bracket, my love of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia did not transcend to your votes.  Or perhaps I underestimated the Scarecrow’s fan base.  Either way, The Wizard of Oz had enough heart to give, and the Scarecrow (#13) beat Mac (#4) overwhelmingly (at the time of this posting), 41-9.

Here are the other voting results (two were very close, one was a blow out):

  • Paul McCartney (#1) vs. Dipsy (#16) – 15-5
  • Raphael (#2) vs. Billy Baldwin (#15) – 19-4
  • Templeton “Faceman” Peck (#3) vs. Micky Dolenz (#14) – 13-7
  • Samantha Jones (#5) vs. Luigi Mario (#12) – 13-12
  • Kyle Broflovski (#6) vs. Eric Murphy (#11) – 20-7
  • George Costanza (#7) vs. The Invisible Woman (#10) – 13-12
  • Ray Stantz (#8) vs. Randy Jackson (#9) – 31-4

Round 2 of the Second Bananas might contain some of the toughest match-ups.  Let’s go!

Paul McCartney vs. Ray Stantz

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Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Second Bananas Edition (Round 1)

(In case you missed the first bracket for Head Honchos, click here.  For the Round Outs bracket, click here.  For the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

In a quest to find the greatest foursome composed of members from many foursomes, here’s the appropriately titled second bracket, Second Bananas.  These are the guys and the gals that make the Head Honchos look like head honchos.  If it was in their nature, they’d be at the top… but they don’t feel like it.

Stayed tuned for the Round Outs and Wild Cards brackets.

Keep voting and please keep spreading the word!


Paul McCartney vs. Dipsy

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