Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Round Outs Edition (Round 1)

(For the Head Honchos bracket, click here.  For the Second Bananas bracket, click here.  For the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

Welcome to the Round Outs bracket in the quest to assemble the greatest Final Foursome.

These are the players that “round out” each of their respective groups.  They’re the brains, the brawns, the beauties, the talent, the bullies, the Born Again, and the, um, yellow.


Eric Cartman vs. Laa-Laa

(The rest are after the jump)

B.A. Baracus vs. Stephen Baldwin

George Harrison vs. Peter Tork

Donatello vs. The Tin Man

Princess Toadstool vs. Johnny "Drama" Chase

Elaine Benes vs. Kara DioGuardi

Charlotte York vs. Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds

Egon Spengler vs. The Thing

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