Awesome Battle… Final Foursome – Round Outs Edition (Round 2)

(For Round 2 of the Head Honchos bracket, click here.  For Round 2 of the Second Bananas bracket, click here.  For Round 2 of the Wild Cards bracket, click here.)

The Round Outs bracket had a few surprises, and a couple of blow-outs.  Plus, it allowed some foursomes to be represented for the first time, and it marked the third winner in a row for some groups.

THE ROUND OUTS (Round 1 Results)

– Eric Cartman (#1) continues South Park’s success at making it to Round 2.  He defeated Laa-Laa easily (at the time of this posting), 29-1.

– B.A. Baracus (#2) wiped out Stephen Baldwin (#15), 16-3, making him the second A-Team member in Round 2.

– Much like the kids from South Park, the kids from Liverpool are cleaning up.  George Harrison (#3) used Peter Tork (#14) like a mop, 19-1.

– Donatello (#4) became the second Ninja Turtle in Round 2, knocking out the Tin Man (#13), 11-5.

– Princess Toadstool (#5) was the only character I used to defeat Super Mario Bros. 2 (because she floated).  Alas, she sunk Johnny “Drama” Chase (#12), one of the Chase Bros. if you will, 12-4.

– The American Idol judges finally have someone on the board!  Kara DioGuardi (#11) upsets Elaine Benes (#6), 22-9.

– The same thing goes for my favorite show on television right now!  Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds (#10) makes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ring true.  She defeats Sex and the City’s Charlotte York (#7) barely at 10-8.

– Another bracket champ so far!  Egon Spengler (#8) makes it three Ghostbusters still hanging in there.  He defeats The Thing (#9), 15-5.  Things aren’t looking too fantastic for the Marvel heroes.

Now let’s move onto Round 2!

Eric Cartman vs. Egon Spengler

(more after the jump)

B.A. Baracus vs. Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds

George Harrison vs. Kara DioGuardi

Donatello vs. Princess Toadstool

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