Happy Find… Micro Mike Rowe

Eye Spy

Sorry, but mentioning this Happy Find sort of feels like nepotism… like something that belongs on STFU, Parents… or like one of those situations where parents make their kids put on performances.

A reenactment:

Parent –  “Show them what you can do, honey?”
Child – “I don’t wanna.”
Parent – “But everyone’s waiting…”
Parent’s Friend that’s either drunk, brutally honest, or both (usually me) – “I’m not.”

Allow me to present to you my side project:

Micro Mike Rowe

If you don’t know Mike Rowe by appearance, you most likely know his voice.  Not only is he the voice of most Discovery Channel shows, he’s also the guy telling you to try a Ford.

Anywhoring, I’m having fun making the photos, and I wanted to share them with you.

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