In My Brain While Sleeping… What’s Wrong With My Subconscious?

I don't get it either, Catherine, and it was my dream.

This dream played like a movie starring Actor! Catherine O’Hara.   To begin, she and her family lose their home, so they move into a college dorm.

Upon arriving, they realized they packed their dog in the luggage and it peed over all her suits.

Suit case. Dog. Internet win.

(Oh yeah… it should be mentioned that she pretended to be a man a long time ago to “compete in a man’s world” and become an executive at her office, until they fired her and forced her to relocate to the college dorm.)

You're not fooling anybody, Mary Poppins.

In this new town with new possibilities, she interviews for a new job, still playing a guy.  The new twist on her old method – the guy she’s playing will be playing Dorothy in the company’s new Wizard of Oz cross promotion.

Meanwhile, the boss falls in love with him, knowing she’s a her the whole time.

Truly, the only cool part was the fight scene in the falling house.  During the tornado scene, Dorothy kicked the Wicked Witch’s ass.  It was a lot like the Matrix, except the aerial acrobatics made sense…

…even though this dream did not.

Why? Why not.