Drunken Recollection… Hercules Goes Bananas In New York! (Amongst Other Things)

There was once a time when this film:

Arnold Strong?

Was called this:

What the hell is this?

And the confusion over this fact lead to a bloody fist fight between my friends and I.

No it didn’t, but that would have been a better story.  Basically, the crew was boozing, this flick came up, but everyone argued with me about the original name of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s premiere film:

Hercules Goes Bananas

The phones came out.  IMDb checked.  Turned out I was right.  Which I knew.  And they were reminded that I always know.

So then they brought up creature I did not know about… the alligator gar:

See ya later, alligator... gar.

I currently wish I did not know about the alligator gar.  Along with the candiru, good job on keeping me out of the water.

The last item discussed – and it was something we agreed on – was that if Saturday Night Live wanted to make a new movie after MacGruber, then Game Time with Dave and Greg would make great option.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It could follow Dwayne Johnson‘s character Dave as he meets Greg and helps him intermingle with society.  This ultimately leads to them co-hosting the show.  Hilarity ensues!

Aaah, what do I know… i’m drunk.