The Sh– To Just Sh–ty… Sleeping Options

This is a situation where the object under the microscope isn’t necessarily a great thing that has deteriorated from awesomeness.  It’s a series of sleeping options that start off as, well, The Shit, and quickly nosedive into Just Shitty.

On the complimentary side of the synonym for doo-doo comes this (via Treehugger):

And you thought blankets with sleeves were innovative...

According to inventor, Buckminster Fuller, the sleepsuit is a

transportable and adjustable cocoon that allows for constant air flow in a variety of different positions and environments.

Stages of Metamorphositsdown

Works for me.  Something that doesn’t work for me?  This offering from Japan:

Slippers are optional, I guess.

Here are some thoughts about the above product:

  1. If I’m using a sleeping bag, I’m usually camping.
  2. If I’m camping, and I’m in my sleeping bag, the only time I get up is to use the bathroom.
  3. Open feet and separated legs aren’t much help in that department.
  4. And if you add arms to the sleeping bag, you’re in a snowsuit.
  5. (The only advantage to having separated legs – fleeing a bear.)
  6. (The only other advantage – kicking a tent invader.)

The last thing at the pejorative end of caca and its ilk (via Nerd Approved):

What happens when you drool?

Is this dumb or what?  How can one night stands disappear guilt-free after peeling their cheek away from one of these pillows?  It begs for scribbled excuses, and that prolongs the awkwardness of the morning.  What if he or she wakes up?  What if you mistakenly promise you’ll call?

I guess you could just write, “Stepped out for cigarettes.”

Or better yet – “Here’s a story for Post(It)Secret.”


  1. omawarisan · April 27, 2010

    If you’re walking in the Japanese sleeping bag, and you trip, how lousy must it feel to be careening face first toward a table and not being able to use your arms to stop it?

  2. sgottahurt · April 27, 2010

    Not only am I surprised I didn’t think of that, I’m also surprised that the Japanese didn’t think of that. They usually think of everything – and more! (Usually the more involves giant doe eyes and tentacles, but you catch my Tokyo drift…)

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