InASense, Lost… Garfield Hates Mondays, And Veterans Apparently

Whoo, boy… you’re going to have to sit down for this one because itza doozy, lemme tell you.

Garfield creator Jim Davis recently apologized for this:


Talk about "Wooof" (see the last post)


I mean, it’s not only an affront to this nation’s veterans (you read the linked article above, right?)*, but it’s also terribly…

…not funny.

Seriously, why the fuck is this shit still being produced and published?  I’d have to harken back to a time in my youth when I looooved Garfield, but even now, I’m hard-pressed to recall if I ever thought the strip was humorous.

I think my reason for liking him stems from the fact that he was the first character I taught myself how to draw, or it’s simply because I had limited options outside of Peanuts, Blondie, and Cathy.  (This time frame falls well before the genius that was Calvin & Hobbes, and his pissed-off merchandising rip-offs.  And come to think of it, at this time in my life, I did enjoy ABC’s TGIF lineup.)

In closing, this atrocity needs to meet its end, and if he’s lucky… maybe we’ll celebrate a National Stupid Day in his honor.

*It was published on Veteran’s Day.


  1. smokingotter · November 13, 2010

    So true, it is time for Jim Davis to retire!

  2. omawarisan · November 15, 2010

    Garfield has never been funny. How has this guy survived for all these years on three jokes – Garfield like lasagna, dogs are stupid, his owner is stupid?

    In fact, how are those jokes.

    garfield, dead to me.

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