So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Movies That Rip Off Other Movies

How can they dew that?!

For this edition of the So, Duh! Pop Quiz, I’m going to have everyone figure out the movie that ripped off each of these films (well, one of the questions happens to be about the films that ripped off the original).

Here’s a little known truth:

It ain’t stealing if it’s an homage…

1) Which sci-fi flop copied these sci-fi flops?


THX 1138 - Parts: The Clonus Horror - Logan's Run

2) The second question’s always easy… What monster movie did these monster movies chase after?

Orca: The Killer Whale! - Alligator - Piranha

3) Which “groundbreaking” action film stole broken ground from these underground flicks?

Blade - Dark City - Ghost in the Shell

4) What piece of garbage ripped off these pieces of garbage, save the awesome underrated The Monster Squad?

Underworld - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - The Monster Squad

5) Which film that was essentially a “cartoon” ripped off these “cartoons” (Dances with Wolves is certainly cartoonish)?

Dances with Wolves - Pocahontas - FernGully - Delgo

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