Happy Find… In An Ironic Way

Call it the Netflix of the art world!  (Or more appropriately, the Blockbuster of the art world, since I can’t see either lasting that long…)

Introducing, Turning Art!

From my limited understanding (of not only the above site but the world), apparently you pick out artwork you want to hang up, and when you get sick of it, you send it back for another picture, à la Netflix.

Oh!  As it turns out, I’m exactly right:

It’s kind of sad that the video only has about 250 or so hits.  I wonder how many visits the actual site gets.

Unfortunately, the more I think about how I wanted to tease this site, the more I feel compelled to herald it.  I don’t know if there’s an actual market for cycling wall art, but it’s great there’s an outlet for raw talent.

I guess my ironic Happy Find changed into a legitimate one, just like you can with duplicated prints!

Nope, I’m back to ironic.