Drunken Recollection… Denver Airport Conspiracy

I’m a man that prefers simple.  Cut to the chase.  No silly games.  WYSIWYG.

But I’m also the kind of guy that enjoys the bizarre.  Against the grain.  Conspiracies.  WTF.

This Drunken Recollection involves the latter.  One night after soccer, my friend Chris mentioned that my brother had a flight layover at the Denver International Airport, and that he had asked him if he’d witnessed anything strange.

I didn’t know what he was referring to, so he pointed out the likes of this:

Okay, well, that borders on the irrational and fantastical (and kind of insane), but the main thing was that these types of conspiracies existed.

About an airport.

And none of it dealt with the fact it was a international airport nowhere near any other nations.

The DIA Conspiracy Files blog delves further into other aspects, but as a (rational) counterpoint, here ya go:

I still don’t understand why a city in just about the middle of the state would be international:

It's the cream-filling between Mexico and Canada.