Happy Find… The Chris List

(I apologize for being behind on posts… I plan to catch up soon.)

My friend (and coworker) Chris often makes interesting web discoveries, and he always passes the info onto me, and I to you.  I always make sure to give credit where credit is due, so I thank him for his finds as a footnote.  No more.  Maybe.

This could be a one-shot; it could be a regular.  If it is, will this post stay the Chris List, or will it get a more clever name?  I can’t say for sure.  What I can say for sure is that the following website delighted our coworkers for hours/days on end.  Unfortunately I was busy at clients, and didn’t get to partake in the shenanigans…

1) Awkward Family Photos

"This is what we like to call a 'choose your own adventure' family photo."

The URL says it all, and not all of the pics and comments are hilarious, but when you find a gem – it rocks.  Unlike that pun.  Awkwaaard…

2) This pic is worth 1002 words…

3)  Appvent Calendar

Chris doesn’t even have an iPhone, but he made me aware of this site.  And even though it is iPhone centric, and I feel bad for bringing it up, it could be worth it if any of the games pan out to be good…

Just like digital candy...

Check it daily to see what new free games are available for download.  Like you ever do anything I say.


"Ever wondered what the kid with the clarinet is really thinking?"

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