The Sh– To Just Sh–ty… This Decade For Me

Last year at this time, I decided to have a New Year’s Resolution Revolution and solve some problems.  This year – I’m evaluating my decade.  Everybody else is doin’ it, so why not me.

The end of the last decade was The Shit:


  • Having just returned from spending a month in Europe, and ready to sell pc’s again at Circuit Shitty making very good commission money… only to learn that Y2K was keeping everyone from buying.
  • I took up a second job working overnight at Target where I met many of the people who would stay friends throughout the decade.

The start of this decade:


  • After quitting both the above retailers, I was an extra in the movie 61*.
  • I started at my current job, and then…

Nothing much.  For ten years.  Awesome.

(Not So) Artistic Representation

The above graph is representative of what my sister once told me:

Most people live in the real world and dip into the fantasy world.  You [“I” – Ed.] do the exact opposite.

This past year, I think I might have joined the rest of the world.

I might have grown up.

And time will only tell if that’s Just Shitty