Awful Battle… Catchy YouTube Diddies That Are Stuck In My Head!

Let me preface this by saying… I like both of these videos (for very different reasons*), but they contain infectious melodies that are currently stuck in my head.  It’s not that difficult for that to happen, unfortunately, but still – by the power of Chris Cornell I compel you!  Leave my noggin!

*I enjoy watching food explode to rock tunes.  I only recently discovered this, but I hope it doesn’t make me a foodie.  I also simultaneously enjoy watching adults beat toddlers… wait, that doesn’t sound right.

JusWondering… Who Would You Pay $75 To Ask One Question?


He's so irreverent!

Director Kevin Smith recently announced he was returning to Detroit for one of his Q&A fests, and tickets in “the good seats” are going for $75.  This increases the chance that you can actually A one Q, but is $75 worth it?  On a lucky day, you might be able to get Smith to respond to an inquiry on Twitter, and that’s free.  Besides, would I even have a question that wouldn’t be embarrassing to ask?

My wondering:

Mr. Smith, do you consider yourself a capable director?  Like, could you ever direct a high-minded, genre piece, worthy of an Academy Award nomination?  (SIDENOTE: I threw in the filler word “like” to simulate a Pulitzer Prize nomination worthy question… y’know, to like make it real.)

This got me wondering… who else would I pay $75 to ask a question?

Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, George W. BushGeorge Lucas?

Sure.  Each one of them would get a humdinger of a wringer”, but who would I pay more than $75 to get to the bottom of things?  Probably just one:


She's so irreverent...

My one-part quiz:

Ms. Fey, can I write for your show?  Here’s a sample of my ability, and it happened In My Brain While Sleeping


*Here’s the others:

  • President Obama, do you believe in the Prime Directive?  Is that dictating your actions?
  • Mr. Spielberg, just why?  A refrigerator?  An army of monkeys?  Seriously!
  • President Bush, wanna play some Frogger?
  • Mr. Lucas… will there be Episodes VII through IX, as they could save Star Wars?  Otherwise, fuck you.

Musical Musings… It’s Almost As If These CD Covers Are Telling A Story

Just sit right back and y’all hear a tale…

"Go on... I'm listening... or should I say, play on?"

…about a woman who had a dream…

"Tis true. I did dream a dream. And I sang what I sing. Plus I ate what I eat."

…that this strange creature came from another world…

"I am here for only one thing - your entertainment. Possibly via my _____."*

…and there was this cop that was trying to stop the blue haired extra-terrestrial,
but he feared he was starting to feel… something more.

"Is it crazy to think... that I might be... in love? And also, don't I kind of look like Michael J. Fox in this picture?""

*The tale of course for adults, and therefore rated…

"Isn't it weird almost everyone has a hand or two on their face?"

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loser Family

To begin… these aren’t special deals.  These are suggestions I’ve hand-picked for you.  I’ve categorized them into groups for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones.  A lot of them happen to be USB products.  Go figure.  (Click each image for more information.)


Grandma collects good luck trolls and loves cats, so why not get her one of these!  (Possible setback: Grandma doesn’t have a computer… hey, there’s another gift idea on the house!)

Yoda blushes when his lightsaber glows! Wait, that sounds NSFW...

Transforms your jump drive into a cat!


She hates almost everything… except cigarettes and ironic murder!

When Texting & Driving meets Smoking & Typing...

Even unicorns hate mimes...


Known for liking gross things and dumb things, you can’t go wrong with these!

Saves the mess of squeezing a real frog.

This ain't your daddy's Pet Rock! It has a USB cord!


I’d suggest having these delivered to his house.

She gyrates whether or not there's any porn surfing.

I'm not here to judge. Only to provide ideas.


Oh brother… oh sister…

Leave your guitar at home and play Maroon 5 songs on this shirt!

Perfect for when girls go wild!


Dad thinks he’s funny.  I mean, he maybe once was, but times change.  Time to change his towel:


Mom would like to be funny as well.  This might provide her the chance to freak everyone out.  Maybe.


He’s classy.  He maybe fought in a war or two.  He married your grandma and stuck around as the above brood grew.  Get him this:

It's understated, and upside-down.

I Am Thankful For… Pink Hair

Today is the day before the big T-Day, and what better way to celebrate than by thanking the universe for pink hair.  (I was going to sing the praises of open soda fountains in fast food joints, but faint rouge follicles FTW.)

It doesn’t matter if the puce  a wig, dyed, or animated, pink is a winner.  Now presenting three solid examples:


Also known as The Mercury Girl (click image for commercial), Jill Wagner gets the mercury rising.


Natalie Portman is Closer to a rapper than the singer Pink ever was (click image for proof).


My insurance policy on how much pink hair rules (click image for more thoughts on Erin Esurance).

Not a chance this is better than pink hair (but if there happened to be Mountain Dew)...


I Am Thankful For… Alison Brie

There are three phases to my gratitude for the lovely Alison Brie.

1) As Trudy Campbell on Mad Men, she first caught my attention.  Playing a put-upon cuckquean, she somehow reminded me of a real-life Disney Princess that realized wishing gets you nowhere.  And oh how I wish to meet her! she was on Saturday Night Live instead of co-star January Jones!

His disregard for her feelings makes me a mad man!

2) As Annie Adderall Edison on Community, she wriggled further into public awareness in a more notable role.  And she’s also proved she’s funny.  And funny goes a lot further in the cute department, of which she’s the manager.

Will she end up with Troy, Jeff, or the entire Community?!?

3) And of course, there’s always this case study in stunning black and white…